Agapio Racing Team/Nordic Agapio

Occasionally people have sent messages to the Finnish newsgroup asking who is responsible for the awful dubbing of some cartoon. Every time, the answer has been Agapio racing team (or Nordic Agapio). I made this webpage to tell just how I feel about them.

Agapio racing team is undoubtedly the worst dubbing company in Finland. The Opening theme of Flipper & Lopaka has gotten a somewhat of a cult following, but Agapio is also responsible for dubbing/raping at least the following series in Finland:

There are probably more, but I can't remember any.

Agapio's biggest problems are:

Judging from the quality, it seems that the only requirement for the "actors" is that they can read.

Just so you don't have to blindly trust my word, here are some samples:
In case you were wondering, is this some kind of bad joke, and these clips are made by me and my friends: they're not. These clips have been captured from the tv, and the sound has not been altered in any way. The dubbing really is this terrible.

Tuotantotalo Werne took over dubbing of Digimon in the late 2001. Apparently enough people complained about the crappy quality of Agapio's work.

Agapio racing team might have changed its name to Mobile-tv, but there is no conclusive proof.

The videoclips were encoded with Intel Indeo 5, and sound was encoded as mp3. The videoclips were encoded at 5 fps (original is 25 fps in theory), and at quarter of the capture-resolution. Both sound and video were encoded at pretty much the lowest bitrate available.


Santeri Saarimaa, TLK, Dick Longinoff, Lasse Lehtonen, Hannu Huovinen, Vesku, Kimmo Tuhkanen, Tuomas Airaksinen, Juha Jokimäki, Mikko S., JaTu, Timo Jokinen and Tuomas Kulju

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