Shitty gaming webcomics bingo

BTW, that's "Shitty gaming webcomics" bingo, not Shitty "gaming webcomics bingo"New card

Wacky gaming roommatesbuckley faceGratuitous violenceGuitar hero"Leet" speak in title
Portal referenceJack ThompsonCopy/PasteToo many mother­fucking wordsInternet memes
Penny Arcade namedropFurries Over-explaining the joke Stagnant or shitty art
Censored swearingMONKEY CHEESE LOL RANDOMHaving to read the newspost to get the joke"Wacky" facesAnime faces
RobotsReferences to Christian mythologyCafe-Press T-shirtsRed ringPop culture references

New card

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