Recognize a cheater in Counter-Strike

While playing Counter-Strike (CS), many have come across cheaters that ruin the fun for everyone. As a matter of fact, there are an unbelievable amount of cheaters around in CS. If you play on a public server you almost certainly will come across cheaters. You have probably read cheater-alerts among the game's radio messages. (Cheaters usually call this "whining")

But how do you recognize a cheater? Here is a list of methods only cheaters use.

A player is a cheater if he:

  1. kills someone armed with a non-pistol using only a pistol.
  2. kills two people in a row with headshots.
  3. kills someone through a door, wall, box or similar item. Especially if the place is a common "camping site."
  4. kills someone as soon as they come from behind a corner.
  5. uses AWP. (a sniper rifle)
  6. shoots someone from behind.
  7. walks. Walking makes no sound. How are people supposed to prepare for such cheating?
  8. kills someone while they are reloading.
  9. kills someone even though the victim first shot a burst at the cheater.
  10. kills someone while they are disarming the bomb.
  11. buys weapons and equipment quickly. (in a few seconds)
  12. runs with a knife in hand.
  13. looks at a wall. This is a sure-fire sign of a "wallhack"
  14. kills someone with a grenade. Anyone who has played CS for a while knows that grenades are supposed to be thrown on designated "grenade areas" where everybody expects them.
  15. kills someone in a room into which the victim just threw a flash-bang.

A player is also a cheater if he has:

  1. money to buy better equipment than you
  2. over 50% health left after a duel
  3. over twice the amount of kills compared to deaths

Even one offence from the above lists is a sure sign of a cheater, but someone breaks more than one rule at a time (e.g. walks behind someone and kills him with a pistol), they are megacheaters. Also: headshots are special; If any of the above kills are by a headshot, then the cheat is automatically a double-cheat.

Remember to warn others immediately if you observe any of the above signs. Cheaters might try discrediting you by saying you are whining, but ignore them.

It is also important to note that if someone is saying things like "cheater", "cheat" on the radio, there is a definitely a cheater playing on ther server. Everyone knows that cheating is a serious problem, and the accusation is not thrown about lightly. Then you have to be ever more vigilant of the above signs. If you have administrator privileges, you must permanently remove the player from the server ("kick-ban") at the first sign of cheating.

If you think of other signs of cheating, tell me, and I'll add them to the list.

Page by: Jan-Erik Finnberg